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About Us


These beautiful creatures are why we love this way of life.............

We love to show them off and 'talk alpacas', so come for a visit!  


Come walk in the fields with us.........

Meet our girls and boys


and if you are lucky....

one might come up to say 'Hi!'

Alpaca 101


Did you know......?

  • alpacas are clean and intelligent
  • they produce fibre that is as fine as cashmere, soft, silky and much warmer and stronger than sheep's wool
  • alpacas are quiet, peaceful animals and make soft humming sounds to communicate
  • alpacas are easy to raise, can be handled by anyone and are safe around children
  • alpacas require little space
  • alpacas gestational period averages 11 1/2 months
  • alpaca females give birth during the day, usually between 10am and 3pm
  • alpacas make cleaning their pens easy, as they only 'go' in a designated spot!
  • alpaca droppings, or 'beans'are practically odourless and are excellent for enriching the soil
  • alpacas very rarely spit at people.  It is their cousin the llama who specializes in that! 

Alpaca Fibre


Why is it so special?

  • alpacas come in 22 distinct, natural colours which can easily be blended into an array of 250 natural shades
  • moisture and odour free:  alpaca fibre wicks moisture away from the skin.  Feet stay dry and warm.  And no moisture build-up means no odour!
  • durable:  Alpaca is a strong, natural fibre.  It is about 6 times stronger than sheep's wool
  • naturally thermal:   Alpaca fibre grows with microscopic air pockets inside, which provide excellent insulation in light weight garments.  It is naturally thermal. 
  • Hypoallergenic:  Alpaca fibre can be worn next to the skin with very little or no itch factor, and contains no lanolin.  It does not tear, pill or stain
  • blister resistant:  Alpaca fibre is silky, soft, supple and smooth to the touch.  It feels luxurious and resists rubbing and blisters